Something silly

1:18 AM

these words

are in my mind

crawling like ants

around inside

I have to get them out.

these minds

are in my words

crawling like inside

around ants

I have to get them out.


They came to see me after midnight

the sky was full of stars

the air was clear and moon was bright

and they said they were from Mars.

For how they knew me, I don't know

they must have asked the way

and when I saw them I said: 'Oh!'

How stupid thing to say.

So there they stood beside my bed

with huge and gleamy eyes

'would you come with us?',that's what they said

'to fly across the skies!'

What happened next I can't remember

but I can show you scars

and when I woke it was December

I must have been in Mars.


Se oliko Karman laki

kun viikatemies sun haki

kesken lemmenhetkemme hurjan

jätti minut vain jälkeensä kurjan

Ei kestänyt vaari kai muoria

emme olleet enää me nuoria

vaan sai laakista pappia hakea

huuma nautinnon ollut ei makea


tahtoisin eksyä


vieraaseen kaupunkiin

jossa et tuntisi

minua vaikka

kuinka etsisit

ja jos haluaisin

tulla löydetyksi

soittaisin ja

sanoisin hei